Did you know that every policy holder has certain contractual rights and responsibilities after a loss occurs and not fulfilling your obligation as per policy provisions can negatively affect your settlement and even allow the insurance company to deny your claim?Do you know all the contractual rights and responsibilities of your insurance policy?Do you know what is covered in your policy? Do you understand what those limits and terms mean to you?

You wouldn’t think of going to court without your attorney…you insist on having your accountant right by your side at an IRS audit…in the same manner; you want a public adjuster for a professional preparation of your insurance claim.

I have had the pleasure to get to know Michelle at BNI in the past year, both personally and professionally. She is a very detail oriented and enjoys her job. She is also willing to help anyone she can and looks after her clients. I highly recommend Michelle as a public adjuster for any claims anyone may have. — Brigita McKelvie, Realtor

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Keeping A Claim Diary

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If you have a small claim, you may not ever really need a claim diary. Good note taking and an organized file can help keep facts straight, document phone calls, hold important correspondence and policy information, and whatever repairs need to be made. However, if you have a large loss, you will want to keep a notebook or diary to help you through the claims process. If you hire a professional such as a Public Adjuster or Contractor, this can also help them in assisting YOU.

Facts surrounding the loss are obvious notes to include in your diary. You will want to have all your information handy and in one spot. Policy numbers, phone numbers for your agent and claims adjuster, fax numbers for submitting documents, email addresses, your declaration page..these are all important to include. A binder is a great option and will help keep you organized.

As you move through the claims process, you may need estimates for repair from more than one contractor. Keep these together along with contact information in your binder so that they are easy to find.

If contents or personal property needs to be addressed, you will be asked for an inventory list. You will want to maintain a section strictly for this purpose and you may want to get yourself a small pocket note pad to keep on you when you are out. Often you will remember items you had while you are out shopping or attending to daily life and it is always best to do it “on the spot” rather than waiting until later. Enlist the help of family and friends who may have photos from holidays and time spent at your home. This can also jog your memory when attempting to create your list. Credit card companies may have statements that can also provide assistance.

If you have been displaced and are staying at a hotel or a friend’s or family member’s home, you need to keep track of your expenses. Food, clothing purchases, toiletries purchased..keep all receipts in your binder and document them!

I have had many clients who have forgotten to get a receipt here and there, or have not documented items properly and it creates a lot more work and costs time to try to catch up later. Don’t overlook the small stuff!

It is easy to become overwhelmed and large losses are stressful, but good record keeping will assist you and, if you hire one, your Public Adjuster to get you to settlement a little more easily.

If you have any questions concerning a claim, you can always reach out to me by phone at 570-730-8607, or by email at michelle@michellemurphypublicadjuster.com. I service Northeastern Pennsylvania which includes Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, the Poconos, the Slate Belt, Lehigh Valley and areas further south toward Philadelphia.

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